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@ Community Rehabilitation Centre


In May 2020, the Singapore Prison Service (SPS) appointed Youth Guidance Outreach Services as the new Managing Agent of the Community Rehabilitation Centre (CRC).


The CRC is a step-down centre from the Drug Rehabilitation Centre, dedicated to helping young male drug offenders. It seeks to provide a structured living environment for the residential youths aged 16 to below 21, helping them kick their addictive habits while carrying on with school or work outside.

In the past years, the number of arrested drug abusers below 20 has increased. It is thus an ongoing challenge to keep the youths away from more modern illegal substances and liberal attitudes towards drugs. YGOS foresees a huge but rewarding task ahead to journey along and provide restorative care and support for the youths. 

restorative care & support for all

Our approach and philosophy for rehabilitation work at CRC: ​







Individual, Family, Culture, Community

In-Care, Post-Care and Beyond

Passing on experiences and knowledge to achieve pro-social, positive outcomes


"What's broken can be mended,

What's hurt can be healed,

And no matter how dark it gets, 

Light always overcomes darkness."

In The News: Authorities to engage families as part of efforts to address drug abuse among youth

CRC visit.jpeg

SINGAPORE - With more than 60 per cent of new drug abusers caught last year under the age of 30, efforts to arrest the trend among young people will get a renewed focus from the authorities.

Speaking during a visit to the Community Rehabilitation Centre (CRC) in Jamaica Road in Sembawang on Thursday (Oct 29), Associate Professor Faishal added that the existing reintegration framework would be strengthened so former drug addicts do not relapse after rehabilitation.

Noting the role of social service agencies and volunteers in building resilience against drug abuse in the society, Prof Faishal urged more groups to partner the Government in expanding prevention, rehabilitation and reintegration efforts.

Minister of State for Home Affairs and National Development Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim speaking to residents during his visit to the Community Rehabilitation Centre. ST PHOTO: ALPHONSUS CHERN

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