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What is the essence of life?
To serve others and to do good.



Positions Available

We are currently not hiring, however if you would like to join us please feel free to drop us an email! 

We are looking for individuals who:

1. Are able to work independently or in a team 

2.Posses good engagement and facilitation skills

3. Ability to plan and coordinate programmes

4. Understanding of adolescent and/or human development

5. Ability to communicate with and engage in activities relevant to youth

6. Good interpersonal and communication (oral and written) skills

7. Ability to counsel and mentor youth

8. Ability to counsel and intervene with the families of the youth

9. Have a Diploma or Degree in Social Work, Counselling, Psychology, Sociology or any equivalent.

At least 1-2 years of relevant working experience. Fresh graduates will be considered.

Come Work With Us

To Apply, please send and email to with the following details: 

1. First and Last Name 

2. Position Applied For 

3. Earliest Possible Start Date 

4. Contact Number 

5. Attachment and link to your CV

Thank you for your application!

We'll be in Touch.

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