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School Social Work

Our work with youth extends to schools in the surrounding neighbourhoods where our Youth Workers run school-based programmes. These programmes are conducted in the school setting to create learning opportunities that inspire self-discovery.

Through a range of activities which include class-based games, arts and craft, sports and more, students are motivated to become better and more confident versions of themselves. Students are introduced to various life skills that aim to empower them to achieve their potentials in areas beyond the academic domain, into the personal, social, family and community domains.  

To ensure that these students receive the continued support of their mentors and appropriate aftercare, we encourage students to join us at our drop-in centres under the ELMP programme.

Our Programmes

  • P.E.A.R.L.S Programme

  • After-School Engagement Programme

  • Mentoring Alliance Programme

  • Cyber Wellness Programme

  • Smoking & Vaping Cessation Programme

  • ...and more!


"I learnt that we must not give up on reaching out goals, to understand others and not bully people."

Kate, 14 (alias)

Beneficiary, P.E.A.R.L.S Programme

"I really enjoy all the games that we played, and I learnt new things about self-love."

Ben, 14 (alias)

Beneficiary, Mentoring Alliance Programme

Read about the experiences of our youths! 

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