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We seek to invest into the lives of the youths who come through our doors. We aim to ensure that youths are exposed to opportunities which allow them to explore and develop their self-discovered potentials. Together with their caseworkers and mentors, we hope to deliver a holistic service to our clients and youths.



School Social Work

Our work with youth extends to schools in the surrounding neighbourhoods where our Youth Workers run school-based programmes. These programmes are conducted in the school setting to create learning opportunities that inspire self-discovery.

> P.E.A.R.L.S Outdoor Programme 

> Smoking & Vaping Cessation Programme 

> After-School Engagement Programme 

> Mentoring Alliance Programme, and more...

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Youth Drop-in Centres

Our drop-in centres aim to prevent youth from falling into negative influences which may arise from aimless loitering and idleness after school hours.
We provide an open door for youth who need support and a supportive community that can help them to succeed and achieve positive life outcomes at home, at school, and with their peers.

> Ang Mo Kio Centre 

> Woodlands Centre 

> Jurong Centre 



Diversionary Programmes

YGOS was appointed by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) to run Integrated Service Provider (ISP) programmes, casework & counselling at our Geylang Centre. For youths who have completed these programmes, we provide post-care services where caseworkers conduct periodic check-ins to encourage sustainable positive change.  

> Guidance Programme (GP)

> Enhanced Streetwise Programme (ESWP)

> Enhanced STEP-UP Programme (ESU), and more...



Community Rehabilitation Centre

The Community Rehabilitation Centre (CRC) allows first-time young drug offenders to receive enhanced reintegration support within a structured living environment. At the centre, residents undergo life-skills programmes which, among other things, teach them to resist their addictions and reject negative peer influence.

343 Jamaica Rd, Singapore 757759


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Reformative Training Centre

The Reformative Training Centre (RTC) houses youths below 21 years old on the day of conviction and deemed suitable for reformative training.

The objective of reformative training is to provide rehabilitation and reintegration into society. 

Read about the experiences of our youths! 

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