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YGOS Counselling Sessions 

Listening Ear counselling provides support to children, youths, and families who may experience distress in parent-child relationships, including those who may be coping with mental, emotional, and behavioural challenges.


Our team of diverse and experienced counsellors, social workers, and youth workers are equipped to journey with you through this process. 


 We conduct our single-session counselling sessions using a wide range of approaches while also specializing in:


o   Play Therapy

o   Family Mediation and Intervention

o   Mental Health 

o   Smoking Cessation Intervention inclusive of vaping

o   Youth developmental issues 

What is Single-Session counselling?

Single-session counselling is client-focused,  where the client and counsellor work together, on a specific issue, with the understanding that they may only have one session of counselling.

It enables you to dictate your counselling journey:

  1. You are happy with a Single session counselling and do not feel the need for more sessions

  2. You return for another Single session of counselling

  3. You switch to ongoing counselling support

It is rooted in the hope that everyone has the ability to make immediate changes.

A focused and strength-based approach in a single session, can enable clients to walk away with the following: 


  • Feeling “unstuck”

  • Have actionable first steps to deal with the issue they are facing

  • Reframe the issue they are struggling with

  • Help them to think differently

  • Do something different

If you would like to make an appointment, please email us at with the following details and we will get back to you shortly: 

o   Full Name (as per NRIC) 

o   Contact Information (Contact No. and Email) 

o   Your counselling needs 

Each session costs $120.00 per client. 

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