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diversionary programmes

At YGOS, we seek to invest in the lives of the youths who come through our doors. We aim to ensure that youths are exposed to opportunities which allow them to explore and develop their self-discovered potentials. Together with their caseworkers and mentors, we hope to deliver a holistic service to our clients and youths.

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Integrated Service Provider

YGOS was appointed by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) to run Integrated Service Provider (ISP) programmes. For youths who have completed these programmes, we provide post-care services where caseworkers conduct periodic check-ins to encourage sustainable positive change.  

Streetwise Programme (SWP) /

Enhanced Streetwise Programmes (ESWP)


A 6-month preventive and rehabilitative programme for youths who associate with gangs or play a minor role in gang-related offences

Group work, individual and family counselling, monitoring

Guidance Programme (GP) /

Positive Adolescent Sexuality Treatment (GP P.A.S.T)


A 6-month pre-Court diversionary programme for first-time juvenile offenders who have committed minor offence(s)

Group work, individual and family counselling

Enhanced STEP-UP Programme (ESU)


A 12-month programme for students at-risk of dropping out of school, as well as out-of-school youths 

Family intervention, career guidance, life skills training, referrals for financial assistance



An assessment interview by social workers that complements police investigations to identify and divert suitable young persons from the criminal justice system

Group work, individual and family counselling




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