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What is the essence of life?
To serve others and to do good.



opportunities & roles

At Youth Guidance Outreach Services, volunteers come alongside staff to play an active role in the mentoring and caring of our youths and families we serve. Join us in supporting an existing programme, or initiate a project to bless our beneficiaries!

Want to join our team of vibrant and dedicated volunteers?

Email our Volunteer Coordinator here: 


Educate, equip and empower youths with pro-social skills and resilience.

Commitment: Minimum 6 months

Event/Activity Planner

Plan, gather resources and execute fun activities or events for our youths!

Commitment: Project Based

Sports Coach

Develop character and leadership skills in our youths through sports.

Commitment: Project Based

Art & Crafts

Spur the creativity & self-expression of our youths through art and craft activities! 

Commitment: Project Based

Music Workshops

Lessons on instruments, music production, performance or music business. 

Commitment: One-time masterclass or series of workshops


Provide small-group tutoring; supervise and guide students in their studies

Commitment: Ad-hoc, minimum of 3 months 


Take part in our drop-in session dance groups! Choose from different genres of dance to engage the youths.

Commitment: Ad-hoc, minimum 3 months

Graphic Design/Videography

Be creative! Design engaging visuals for our social media platforms and/or capture eventful memories through video editing.

Commitment: Ad-hoc, minimum 3 months

Event Photographer

Help us to document significant events through photographs! Added effort to do post-processing of photos is highly appreciated!

Commitment: Ad-hoc, minimum 3 months

Career Guidance

Provide advice and career guidance as youths navigate professional pathways to get a start on their careers, or in transition to other jobs.

Commitment: Ad-hoc, minimum 3 months


Help bring awareness to youth-at-risk work and raise funds to support the programmes run at YGOS!

Commitment:  Project Based

Beauty & Wellness

Teach youths about basic beauty and cosmetic tips and tricks to look presentable for school or job interviews. 

Commitment: Project Based


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