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From Youth to Coach: A Purpose-filled Journey

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Making a change in one’s life requires self-awareness, determination, and willingness to step out of your comfort zone, something that Leslie (an ex-youth turn Rehabilitation Coach at our Community Rehabilitation Centre (CRC)) is familiar with.

Working with first-time male drug offenders under the age of 21, Leslie and his colleagues from our CRC team journey closely with the boys to provide them with the support and tools they need to make positive changes in their lives.

In this interview with Leslie, we explore the challenging but rewarding journey of a Rehabilitation Coach.

Leslie’s journey began as a young tchoukball enthusiast. Introduced to Youth Guidance Outreach Services (YGOS) by Wilson Tan our Executive Director, Leslie found himself captivated not just by the sport but also the sense of community the organization offered.

This supportive environment became a vital part of his personal growth and helped him gain confidence in socializing with his peers.

His mentors Wilson Tan, Seng Hong, and Jon Kiew, all left a lasting impression on him, motivating him to become a positive influence in the lives of others because of the love and guidance he was shown.

Driven by the desire to pay it forward, Leslie decided to pursue a career in the social service sector. His choice to become a Rehabilitation Coach at CRC was a challenging one as he initially had to face a demographic that he was initially fearful of, but he believed that it was essential for the growth and the betterment of the community he wanted to reach out to.

As a Rehabilitation Coach, he finds the key to his success in being genuinely curious about the youths he works with. By fostering a non-judgemental attitude, he builds trust and rapport with the young individuals struggling with drug-related issues. This connection allows him to provide both discipline and therapeutic recovery to guide them on the path of change.

Working as a Rehabilitation Coach at CRC is not without its difficulties. “The job can be emotionally and mentally exhausting, but the rewards are invaluable,” Leslie stated. “Witnessing the positive change in youths he mentors and receiving messages from former clients even after they have completed the programme were some of the most rewarding moments”.

CRC plays a critical role in the lives of troubled youths, providing them with much-needed support and guidance. The Rehabilitation Coach, as a positive figure in the youth’s life, becomes their trusted outlet for venting and sharing their struggles.

The work carried out at CRC by Rehabilitation Coaches like Leslie is truly commendable. Their dedication to the well-being and growth of troubled youths makes a significant impact on the community.

Through positive mentorship and unwavering support, the Rehabilitation Coaches provide much-needed guidance for youths to recover, change, and reintegrate into society successfully.

As YGOS continues to collaborate with the community and expand its reach, the CRC programme’s positive and effectiveness on the lives of young individuals will only continue to grow.

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