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"To provide hope to youths-at-risk & their families... 


About us

Youth Guidance Outreach Services (YGOS) is a non-profit, charitable organisation that has been serving youths in the community since 1996. 


To make sure that every youth who comes through our doors receives the care and support that they deserve.


YGOS is registered as an independent entity with its constitution, together with the Registry of Societies. We are an Institution of Public Character (IPC) and a member of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS).

YGOS programmes are based on 3 fundamental pillars: Youth-centric, theory-based and fun! Our Social Work professionals aim to support every youth to reach their potential through timely preventive, early intervention and remedial programmes, which are led by research, theories, experience and professional excellence.



Programmes that seek to be a platform for positive engagement with youths, directing them towards healthy psychosocial activities and away from crime.



Aims to accelerate youth's developmental processes through building their competencies, skills and abilities such that they can grow and flourish throughout life.



Targeted at referred individuals who need guidance in the strengthening of their internal resources to overcome adversity, see improvement in decision or coping skills.



Our work at the Community Rehabilitative Centre to facilitates community reintegration of underage drug offenders through holistic engagement that restores lives, reducing the risk of internal or external stressors.

What We Do



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Mobile Outreach Support Team...

Youth Guidance Outreach Services has been running our outreach programmes in our Woodlands and Ang Mo Kio centres as part of our preventive work with youths.

We are now happy to share that our outreach programmes will be available on the go and extended to Jurong areas!

With our Mobile Outreach Support Team, we will be taking our activities and programmes to the youths. Allowing us more flexibility and reach to do youth work in the area we're currently in. 

To keep up with us, you can follow us on Instagram @ygos_sg or Facebook (Youth Guidance Outreach Services). 

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